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Yves Camingue

Designer and Stylist, 25 years old, Cebu City

Yves’ designs stand for the rebel aristocrat, the alter-ego he has recently brought to form in the Cebu fashion scene, much to the frenzy of the affluent fashionphiles in the Queen City of the South.

With short lessons on sewing and draping, Yves is generally a self-taught, self-trained fashion designer. His successful fashion shows have given him an amount of confidence to try out for Project Runway Philippines. The Runway is ready to see Yves’ rebellious sophistication. But how unconventional is he willing to go to stitch his way to the top?

What sets you apart from other designers? What makes you an interesting participant?

I never hesitate to go against the grain. I’m not afraid to push the limit to express my point of view through my creations. I’m not afraid to introduce new, bold, and unconventional concepts of fashion regardless of the public’s initial reaction. My point-of-view by mouth is as interesting, bold and witty as my designs.

Have you gone through formal fashion training before? If not, what is your fashion design background?

I haven’t gone through any formal training. I’m self-taught. I practiced sewing personal pieces at home, and I also apprenticed under a couple of renowned Cebuano designers.

Have you joined other design competitions prior to Project Runway Philippines?


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  • Marivic132003

    Congrats Yves, ur design is good keep it up.. you can make it to the top..Goodluck  =)

  • Victoria L Codilla ϟ

    Way to go, Yves!

  • Jeyanchiqx

    He is my bet :) )

  • Keffie

    Bungal????? BOLD? More like Cheap, tasteless Designs!!! maingay = palengkera… hahahahaha.. oh well mas maganda ka pa kay ENZo na mukhang mabaho! kudos to you

  • eric l. sebello

    all of the run way creator i think ur design is the best

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