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Nel Claveria, Jr.

Overseas Fashion Designer, 30 years old, Camarines Sur

Impeccable tailoring defines Nel as a fashion designer. When in comes to flawless stitching, he has got the right skill and more. From designing gowns for beauty pageants in Bicol, Nel set out for Brunei in 2005 to try and launch his fashion career. Here, he found his incredible luck. Nel instantly became the go-to designer to many stylish denizens in town.

Haute couture, ready-to-wear, men’s wear, avant-garde, accessories, evening wear, gowns — name it, Nel can definitely sew it. Is there anything this guy cannot do? The Runway is ready to try his mettle.

What sets you apart from other designers? What makes you an interesting participant?

As a young designer in this field, I think I’m more than different in many aspects compared to the other designers, so you better watch the show to get to know me better. As for what makes me interesting — first, my designs are unexpected, and second, I went through roller coaster rides of shifting fields of work before I landed into the fashion world.

Have you gone through formal fashion training before? If not, what is your fashion design background?

I am a self-taught designer. I have no formal training at all. Everything I’ve learned is from experience. I’ve been through a lot of failures before I learned how to sew, how to make patterns, and how to fit clients properly. Only a year ago, I learned how to illustrate my designs by researching online. And the best thing is practice. Practice. Practice.

Have you joined other design competitions prior to Project Runway Philippines?

No. This is my first time to join this kind of competition. That’s why this is an invigorating and liberating experience for me.

Give one word that best describes you as a designer.

You don’t have to be flamboyant to be recognized. You can be silent yet explosive as I am.

  • XX

    Good luck and Hope you win the competition:)
    Always pray in God!

  • christian

    Good luck! All is well!!! 

  • Romeo Tribiana Iraula

    gudluck! invited by Christian S Doctor..

  • Jeannie Aspe

    Good luck!

  • anne lorenzo

    good luck!

  • Robert Escalada

    Goodluk Nel!

  • Uniokeez

    hi nel good luck..

  • Ymann

    Team Nel kami! Go Nel, break a leg, eheheh

  • Nicah_starmoon

    Good luck! <3

    • marvin

      ;) cute n designer c nel,

  • Jeff Jacobstein

    May the force be with you!! (: God bless on this endeavour!!

  • Leah_sumido1978


  • Gorgeous_miki18

    good luck nel..bring home the bacon!

  • Gilsky2000

    Go go go …kababayan, , kabarangay, may this competion brings  you to a  World Class   Bicolano designer….

  • Yolito_amante


  • Sallychristinepacamarra

    Goodluck Mahal! God bless on ur endeavor.:-)

  • Leihn

    Goodluck Nel! 

  • Kathleen Delloro Musico

    Goodluck po!:)

  • Maritessprades

    Goodluck Nel! Love ur career dats da gift from God 2 u….Im very proud of u classmate….

  • Pmichael Parone


  • Danfel40


  • Ghie

    goldluck! Nel,may you win this competition and start a new life ahead!it’s me ate d only beautiful and charming ate ha3……we love u from Ramos & Memoracion family.go! go! go!

  • Mommy Carol


  • Ghie

    Your the best!You can do it! Mabuhay! Phillippines and Brunei,we support you all the way,,,we love u!  your only ate mwaaahh!

  • Rowena_bartolome77

    GOODLUCK.I know u can make it.I’m ur neighbor in GOA Cam Sur

  • jenny

    h honey! sorry didn’t get the chance to do this earlier. I know you are really busy when I rang but thank you for making time for me! So here is my promise! I am so damn proud of you! You have made your dreams come true! The overwhelming support of your family and friends only proves of who you really are! Keep it up and I’ll see you soon….love you much!

  • Arlene Ortua

    Good luck Nel. I am still here, supporting you…just like before…since then. I am happy for what you have achieved. You’ve gone a long way from the Nel whom we have always loved and supported. Now that you are in, yet, another challenge, a another step towards success, towards realizing your dreams, our prayers are with you. Nene may no longer be with us, but I know that wherever she is, she is watching over, even cheering for you. Stay as you are, with your feet firmly rooted on the ground, and success will be even sweeter. God bless Nel. 

  • Sharon, RN

    Have fun and do your best!

  • Sharon, RN

    OMG. I am so proud of you. You re the cutest! Mwah mwah mwah! Love love love!!!

  • Sharon, RN

    I am always here to support you sweety.

  • Your No. 1 Fan

    Go Kuya Nel! I believe in your amazing talent! Good luck po. All the best! Hope you win this competition! Kayang kaya yan! Stay healthy and stay humble. God bless you always.

  • Karl

    Team NEL kami!!! Do your best, that way you can achieve your DREAM! This is the culmination of all your hard work! We will pray for your success! Good luck in the competiton! Break a leg! and break a stiletto!

  • R-nold

    Congratulations on winning the second challenge!!! We are very proud of you! You can make it!

  • lorna peralta

    WE Are s Proud Of u!!! kua I know U can make it to the finals… We will Pray 4 u!!! 

  • Pearki_nslim04

    You can make it bro! your always the best! love u

  • Sallychristinepacamarra

    Last night’s episode: Tweetie: “Your design is chic, modern, sophisticated, intelligent but not over the top. And best of all, ur client loves it. It’s got everything we’ve been looking for in this competition. Congratulations! You are the winner of this challenge.”
    It’s overflowing with LOVE and SUPPORT here… Your SUPPORT is greatly appreciated, guys.  Please continue to support Nel in PRP#3. Thanks a lot! God bless everyone! :-)

    • Sheryll pan

      Indeed! Congratulations Nel. Definitely, Bicolandia is so proud of you.

  • Vicon


  • Sharon, RN

    Congratulations sweety! You re the best!

  • Matt Obias

    Go Nel! You really make us proud…We believed in your outstanding talent!

  • pinkxs_28

    Hello nel pag napapagod mag isip ng next design sayaw sayaw ka muna to release the stress hehehe Goodluck sana ikaw manalo! Godbless.! si pinky ito :-)

  • Ghie

    CONGRATULATIONS! Nel,you’ve  made it! u won d challenge galing2 naman   mmmwaaah! just concentrate on what you are doing……..bring home the bacon!
    We love u ! Tatay Vic & Nanay Remy (BRUNEI DARUSSALAM)

  • Franzine

    good luck mahal!

  • Let Pacamarra

    Finally, I already got the chance to cast my vote! Goodluck, Kuya!:) We have always believed in your talent. And yes, you have a growing number of fans rooting for you. God bless.

  • Juanmigsnarsdent

    im for you nel!!!  make good ok!!!God bless!!!— nars

  • Ecardsetnalloc

    hi..dr nhel, gudluck my frend. im proud of you. wishing u a lot moree blessing to comes in ur life! go go go …..classmate! just knock my fb..if u need help. hehe tagay poohhh…weee toinkz~!

    • Mohammed

      What is your FB??

  • jefferson dumanan

    gud luck ah,…god bless,…galingan mo pa…..

  • donafe acayen

    Goodluck nel!‘,,,im proud of u classmate‘..godbless!‘…

  • Gabby

    i love your design its so unique.

  • Lmandrada2011

    Bravo….love u nel….i miss my designer…..goodluck my friend….

  • Quirin claussen

    Good luck Nel  !!

  • Adrian Ras Azarcon

    I’m not sure if you still remember me but I’m your schoolmate before in  PSU Goa, Cam.Sur…I’m currently based here in Pampanga and it’s so nice to see my kababayan making a name in the fashion industry. Goodluck to you Nel…We support you.

  • Pey Delloro Musico

    Goodluck & Godbless!:)

  • Marichu Borre

    God bless you Nel! i know you can do it.You have all the skills to win this competition. Your creations and the word of mouth from your clients have proven it all. Best of luck to you! We Bicolanos and Goaenos in particular will pray and support  you all the way.

  • Bleu8_escorpeon

    God bless the works of your hand Nel, do your best and leave the rest to the Lord. You can do it:)

  • Delfino_maricel

    Good luck Classmate….. kayang-kaya mo yan nel

  • Cristalmaelynpeds

    Kuya Nel, I already voted you. And I will encourage my classmates too.

  • Bing Peñas Co

    i love ur design , it fits my taste … so classy  …..i wish you all the luck …GOD bless.

  • Script_93

    Good Luck!! Hope you Made it IDOL:)

  • Jengpanuelos

    Wow! amazed ako! Huli n pala kosa news. Wish u all d luck Nel! I know u can make it. S school palang tayo nun lagi ka ng may pasabog na talent.  Isa ka na naman sa patunay ng Oragon he.he. Goodluck classmate!

  • Myla Sabuco

    too bad i can’t watch project runway. .we got no etc channel here. .=(
    but im stil wishing the best luck for u dada. .you’re still the best dsigner for us. .hope you ‘ll win the title& we’r praying for that!!. .Godbless. .and goodluck to ur designs. .we love u!!. .

  • Walbert_14

    super crush kita!!! good luck!!1

  • twinkle

    GO GO GO NEL! hhooooo!

  • Crista

    Congratulations for getting a high score on the last episode… May the judges’ comments serve as learnings and motivation for you to aim higher and do better on your craft. You’re already doing a great job, though. But there’s always a room for excellence. Just do what you have to do and God will strengthen you.  God bless! :-)

  • Acm_gta45

    good luck po sayo Nel

  • Kennedy Cuya

    egregie ” that’s a good term to be used for your awesomeness.  You’re now carving your way into the limelight of the fashion industry. We know it is now easy… but for you??? when heart and passion collides…. it turns into greatness. Break their legs!!!! ang dami mo kasing ka-compete.. hehehe

  • Aljon M. Carbonell


  • ViRo Creation

    if there’s one person that must be idolize/ set as inspiration to those people that in line in Fashion field, that only beginner palang, Like ME:) no other person, but you Kua Nel.. Ang Galing mo po!!!! I like all of your masterpiece/ creation:) goodluck po in your career Hope you made it with your “Certified Nel’s Claveria Design ” one of a kind!:) Godbless

    • Nel Claveria Jr.

      Thank you Viro… and may you achieve your goals in life.. stay positive, always go forward, and everything will follow. God Bless….

      • Viro Creation

        Thank You  for you’re advise Kua Nel… its my pleasure po. i will stick to it. as i graduate.. THaNks Much :)

  • Chonamarta729

    go go go nel, i love your designs…

  • HarrySaint Tormo Espenilla

    I like your wedding gown last episode but I kinda agree to the judges about the lower part of your gown, but still it really looks good ^^

  • Rencel Federizo

    hi  .. kua nel galingan nyu po idol q kayo
    gusto q po kc maging fashion designer someday.
    hope ko lang na mangyari un .
    at kung magkaganon sasali po kue sa prp.

    at gagawin ko po kayo’ng inspirasyon ..

    promise IDOL ……. :)

  • Xhickreyes

    nice gown!

  • Rencel Federizo

    sorry but for me his work are the best to other design work.
    im not saying that all the design are not a good design work
    i mean .

    lahat naman sila ay ginawa ang lahat 
    nobody want to broke a career right 

    thanks .. :)

  • Musa Ala

    i am a Muslim here in Phil. hope you’ll like to design my suite on my weeding soon..

  • Bryan Tapnio

    fly high Nel and for that i wish you all the best and good luck to your next challenge. 

  • Lyn Castrodes

    nel… good luck..

  • Sendz218_adg

    congrats nel,,love your designs,,i knpw from the start that you are related to my brother in-law when I saw you on tv,It shows on your face kasi,,Claveria,,Goodluck and may God Bless You..

  • I_am_mhars

    napansin ko lang sa design mo from previous episodes ay parang may hawig sa kapwa mo contestant na si Milka.  Like yung episode na about Mega magazine na biker jeans yung ginawa ni Milka, un ang ginawa mo nung next episode about getting inspiration for food. Then ginawa naman ni Milka ung sexy outfit for that challenge. Yun naman ang ginawa mo dun sa avant garde challenge, may pagkakahawig sa ginawa ni Milka nung previous challenge.  Sorry, it’s just my opinion.

  • Ronald_sister

    go for the gold my kababayan, uragon ka tlga! itaas mo ang bandila ng mga bikolano

  • Earldigs

    congratulations on your second win….you are already a magician given the fact that you can make so many dresses i n such a short time…i know you will do well ..ev en win this competition…the experienceis a learniung process in itself…..

  • Louis Michael Ayo

    AVANT GARDE kaya nya? sus di nga nya napanalo ung AVANT GARDE CHALLENGE NILA EH !

  • Dicxiejoy

    you’re really good. i am so excited to see your designs. verrrrrrrrrrrrrry excited :)

  • An

    i like what he wears every week….

  • Kristof

    Goodluck! You can make it to the TOP!

  • Sendz218_adg

    goodluck to you,And GOD BLESS YOU,,you’ll gonna make it on top,,keep it up,i’m your avid fan.

  • Pril Kulet

    Good luck and GOD speed kuya Neil. :) I really love your designs. 

  • remen_kuge

    Gooodluck Nel !!! 

  • An

    nice… congrat pasok k s finals gud luck and do the best!!!

  • g7

    CONGRATULATIONS!For making it to the TOP 4! Bring home the bacon.GOLDLUCK! U CAN MAKE IT!mmmmmwaaaaah!

  • Kristof

    Goodluck! You can make it to the TOP! BE THE NEXT BIG THING!

  • Bobby Calde

    Congratulations Nel Clevaria Jr…. Good Luck for the next challenges and i know you can make it on top…. I KNOW THAT YOU ARE DETERMINED TO WIN AND WILL SHOW THAT YOUR COLLECTIONS ARE BETTER THAT ANYONE ELSE… good luck and hope you will win PRP3….  

  • Jhearhlomibao

    hope you win.


    akala ko noong sunday matatagal sya….


    akala ko noong sunday matatagal sya….


    yun pala nakasama akala ko tagal na si milka buti binigyan sya ng chance…


    yun pala nakasama akala ko tagal na si milka buti binigyan sya ng chance…


    sana ikaw ang manalo sa changellenge ngayon sunday o grand winner ng PRP

  • Bobby Calde

    Hi Nel, Congratulations. You made it to the finale.. i know you can do it.. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  • Simplyandrew19

    i love him his so cute

  • Simplyandrew19

    i want to work with him

  • karen

    Go Nel! You can do it! Your the only guy in PRP3 and you made it to the top 4. Your amazing dude. Keep it up. :)  

  • corts

    He didn’t won the competition but he did won my heart! :) go Nel!!! super crush talaga kita…

  • 김제시

    Good luck :) I’m rooting for you  ^ ^

  • Jello Datoon

    tingin ko, si Lenvil ang may tunay na crush kay Nel. :) #PRP3Reunion

    Go Nel! I loved your designs from the start. Good luck! :D

  • Sarspruce

    Naks! Mr. Kilabot daw ng Project Runway Philippimes Season 3!!! Okay, okay, I have no objection to that hehehehe, totoo naman kasi. Keep it up Nel. Good luck sa inyong lahat, you really all deserve to win!

  • ronn orcullo sukhinova

    omg.. go nel waooooo

  • Perf Reyes

    Nel, i know na tapos na ang taping ng PRP3. I’ve tried searching for the results online kaso wala pa. I just hope na manalo ka. Please win!!!

  • Janlao27

    extraordinary talent.. i love every of bit of stitches you made ang linis… :) you deserve to be on top 4… i would love to be your apprentice.. :) go for the gold Sir Nel… 

  • Amver Valera Manzano

    i like nel for he can create a good creation not just for women but for men too… and his avant-garde… its impecable… really… go nel god bless :D

  • Japasero

    congratulations nel keep up the good work. proud to be PSU.

  • Julito silvestre

    i know you will win good luck

  • Meedjay

    Go Kuya Nel :) Claveria Clan is so proud of You :) ))

  • Charljustinedarapisa

    Nel. im a huge fan..i’ve seen your progress since day 1..cant wait for your fashion collection..i’ll surely watch out your victory,,good luck Nel.. :)

  • Gmelitante

    great show.. very innovative, and artistic design. lagi ko po inaabangan ang come up ng gawa mo. it inspire me also… i was also aspiring to be one like you.. im very proud to be oragon like you… keep up sir nel… hope i could be your apprentice.

  • Adeannecharisse

    I really like his design i think it was the time when they created a look for the Pond’s Gold Radiance… Gosh i totally love that design…

  • maria fe cam

    my congratulations to what you are now…. you’re so talented nel…. you’ll soon reach the peak of your dream…..gudluck……

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