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Joseph Montelibano

PR Executive, 35 years old, Iloilo

In the competitive climate that screams “fierce!” — Joseph is not to be outdone. Focused and aggressive, with a slightly wicked charm and a stitch of creative ego, he’s never one to shy away from any challenge.

Having lived in New York for a long while, he’s learned to be self-sufficient, juggling a handful of jobs in public relations, visual merchandising, and fashion design. He claims it was here in New York that he crossed paths with the who’s who in Fashion Avenue. From The Big Apple, Joseph is ready to take on the cut-throat competition. Showing off his jet-setting aesthetic, will his fashion career take flight this season?

What sets you apart from other designers? What makes you an interesting participant?

My aesthetic is derived from the experiences I have encountered and people I’ve met. I am cultured and exposed, and I have keen understanding of who I am as a designer and what type of market I cater to.

Have you gone through formal fashion training before? If not, what is your fashion design background?

I have worked in New York City’s garment district specializing in fabrics and laces. I have worked as a visual merchandiser for Giorgio Armani Madison Avenue, and I have collaborated with the likes of Patricia Field (Sex and the City), Eric Daman (Gossip Girl), and Tina Knowles (House of Dereon). I have styled and designed for designer Allison Levine and actress Fairuza Balk. I was also a US Correspondent of Fashion Daily News, based in Paris, France, and a columnist for (now Bullett Magazine).

Have you joined other design competitions prior to Project Runway Philippines?


Give one word that best describes you as a designer.


  • aNoNyMoUs

    ang lakas ng dating mo pare,,daig mo pa ang ONDOY kung mag comment at mang asar, pare pareho kayo nila Cheetah at Enzo.y don’t u guys stay humble and put your feet on the ground instead of bullying others????!!!MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!OK!

    • Mary

      @aNoNyMous: Magtanim ka na lang ng kamote, pangit mo!

  • Patwilwayco

    i am a fan. true, classic ang mga design mo. last week, your bridal gown is wasak pero siguro mas wasak kung itotodo mo ang yong powers, para kasing me reservation ka pa.

  • HarrySaint Tormo Espenilla

    I was laughing really hard when MJ thought Joseph as a “lesser evil” than Enzo, hahahaha  

  • linda verdeflor

    and chaka ng ginawa mo sa lahat ng challenges. pramis! especially sa second challenge! anong chic dun? wala! 

  • ford

    mas exposed na pala sya sa fashion compared to other contestants..but na eliminate ng maaga.. shame.. nakakahiya..haha..may ipapakita pa kaya syang face sa fashion world?yikes

  • Kimi Kardashian

    eeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.. puro ka lng yabang ate!!!! buda ng buda wala naman ibubuga! Stylist baka puede pa.. designer.. ??? hell no.. mas magaganda pa design sa DIvisoria!

  • Allesandra

    to the next level na siya ah… ni hindi nga lang siya napasama sa top 3 at ayan ba ang tatawaging fierce? come on,  yung sa kanya ata yung mukang a panyo with a kulangot

  • Joseph monteliBAHO

    Ang baho mo, ! ang hilig mong kumandong,! lalo na sa security guard! huling huli ka ang tagal mo pang nakakandong! magpapakantot kana siguro sa susunod

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