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Jenno Gacasan

Graphic Designer and Stylist, 24 years old, Cebu

Bachelor’s Degree in Painting, a deep experience in graphic design, and a relentless passion for fashion make Jenno one creative junkie. He considers fashion an art form not much different from visual arts itself, and he wants to bring into our consciousness that both disciplines can meld together perfectly.

Jenno made fashion the canvas of his ideas, literally airbrushing and oil-painting on his fabrics. He’s an impressionist but is obviously sparked by pop art. Seams, paint, and graphic illustrations on a provoking dress — this may just be the next big thing in Philippine fashion, and Jenno is already painting a picture of it. He will definitely raise the bar of the competition this season.

What sets you apart from other designers? What makes you an interesting participant?

What sets me apart from other designers is my outlandish painter’s aesthetic, and my eye for eclecticism and idiosyncratic artistic concepts. I always have the thirst to question conformity, to push the envelope and boundaries between art and fashion. My vision sets me apart from everybody else. What makes me interesting is my appetite to be always in the edge and risks. I never play it safe — I always trust my gut and believe in my visceral instinct.

Have you gone through formal fashion training before? If not, what is your fashion design background?

I have no formal fashion training. I just know that I have an innate flair for design. I have always been that friend that all my girl friends resort to whenever they’re having fashion emergencies. Later on, I started conceptualizing photo shoots. And since I have a weird taste for presentation, I ended up designing clothes for peculiar art directions.

Have you joined other design competitions prior to Project Runway Philippines?

I have always believed that fashion is not always competition, so prior to Project Runway Philippines, I have never joined any design competition. I decided to join because I wanted to find out if I can create garments in less than 24 hours like what I have seen in television, or come up with fresh, innovative concepts, or introduce a novelty approach in designing — a raw one. I joined ’cause I want to challenge myself and find out if I can really do it.

Give one word that best describes you as a designer.


  • Etoni0087

    lovely answer :) Bring it on jenno…

  • Phoebe Ann

    So proud of you friend.. Love you!

  • Francesruthm

    authentic and brilliant

  • Aestarosa

    I won’t have you as my bet… for me You are the WINNER!!!!

  • Iskargu

    Truly proud Cebuano! Bring it on!

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