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Fatima Guerrero

Fashion Design Student, 21 years old, Nueva Ecija

Fashion design is Fatima’s creative fix. This is where she vents her restless ideas and fashion fantasies. A Muslim girl of faithful restraints, Fatima nonetheless portrays the fashion proverb, “Fashion is for everyone.” She aims to use her gig in Project Runway Philippines to inspire more young Muslim women to come out of their shell and add some spunk to the traditional abaya.

Her garments obviously have got some sass, pretty striking from a new designer who has yet to complete her fashion arts degree at the De La Salle College of St. Benilde. Young and with a tapestry of style and skills, will she be the first Muslim designer to ever win the competition?

What sets you apart from other designers? What makes you an interesting participant?

Being the only Muslim participant of the show makes me interesting already. I design especially for Muslim women who wear the hijab or dress up modestly by covering the body except for the face and hands. What I try to show is that being covered doesn’t mean we give up the freedom of being fashionable, especially with the climate here in the Philippines. Though I am a Muslim designer, I design for everyone regardless of their religion as long as they appreciate my craftsmanship. I think it’s new for everyone to see a Filipino Muslim woman fashion designer being involved in this kind of field especially being here in the competition.

Have you gone through formal fashion training before? If not, what is your fashion design background?

Yes. I’ve been studying a degree in fashion and merchandising. I also studied dressmaking at Slim’s Fashion School.

Have you joined other design competitions prior to Project Runway Philippines?


Give one word that best describes you as a designer.


  • kamar sabdulla

    Masha Allah ! go go go Tim… nothing is impossible… show ur  Allah’s given talent to eradicate misconceptions/misrepresentations/negativity in Islamic culture…….

  • fernando padolina

    go timtim…

  • pijongRN

    tim gud luck…..a gk volunteer and a proud designer

  • Ha Tall

    I’m a young Muslim and although I don’t strictly wear the abaya or cover my hair with the scarf, I still ADMIRE you very much for upholding that style of Muslim clothing. :) Plus, what amazes me more is that you don’t limit your dresses/creations to the codes placed by any religion. Aspects of modesty can be translated in so many ways. Anyway, I’m excited to see your future designs! :) How exactly will you blend both “modesty” and versatility in your works?

    As for now, I wish you all the best. Insha’allah, you’ll stand as a great role model for everyone-especially those who sincerely uphold their faiths. Also, I hope you show that having a Muslim designer isn’t a “new thing”. Just look at the Middle East, countries like Dubai and Qatar… Goodness, the fashion industry there is also teeming with modern and exquisite creations. The Philippines has yet to see more here. All the best!

  • Rasdi_sabdulla

    Good luck Tim….. as the only muslim participant you just made us PROUD!……. GO GO GO Tim…….

  • Mae Christine Kiat-ong

    Tim, you can do it!!! Just be yourself and we are all here for you. Go for it!!!Show them what you’ve got. We believe in you

  • Cinderlim8

    ….go,go,go Tim. You can count my vote.

  • HarrySaint Tormo Espenilla

    I really really like this photo, so high fashion

  • sowaidah abdulwahid

    nice one !!!  I’m just 19 y/o .. I love fashion designing and by that I admire you :) ) Keep inspiring everyone .. 

  • Musa Ala

    assalamu alaicum.. i am a young muslim particular in Davao city. i hope you’d like to design my suite on my wedding day soon.. hehehe

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