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Enzo Libo-On

Call Center Agent, 23 years old, Bacolod

Enzo very well knows that he broke his parents’ hearts when he gave up his corporate job for a chance to compete in Project Runway Philippines. His parents were very apprehensive about fashion design. Back in the day, Enzo would sneak in and watch his grandmother sew. But it was not until he reached college that Enzo convinced her to seriously tutor him, even if it was against his parents’ wishes.

With the itch to stitch hardly wearing off, Enzo continued to pursue fashion while keeping a regular corporate job in order to keep both his parents happy. Now, it’s a totally different story. Can he turn the tide and make his parents proud? He is determined to win the competition big time.

What sets you apart from other designers? What makes you an interesting participant?

Aside from not having any formal training, I’m driven by the fact that I have parents who are apprehensive and half-hearted with regards to my inclination to fashion. I consider this as my rebellion, a schism I deem as motivator for me to explore the “what-could-be’s” and eventually learn from the experience in order for me to achieve my optimum potential. I also believe that coming from Bacolod, a nimble yet progressive city, I have fresh ideas that are at par with the demands of the industry. What makes me interesting? See for yourself!

Have you gone through formal fashion training before? If not, what is your fashion design background?

I didn’t have the chance of learning fashion design through school. The drive that I have for fashion design started when I took hold of a fashion magazine during my elementary years. In addition to my magazine-browsing days, my grandma used to sew clothes for herself. From her, I learned how to run the sewing machine and cut fabrics. After doing a capsule of collection show for my senior’s project during college, I got more involved in fashion and I never stopped believing with myself and my capabilities since then.

Have you joined other design competitions prior to Project Runway Philippines?

Nope. This is my very first fashion design competition.

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  • Rezvillarosa

    hi baby

  • Krisella

    I think he’s gonna nail this! He’s the winner I shall bet! ;]

  • HarrySaint Tormo Espenilla

    the show will be so boring without you taray queen! ^_^v 

  • 2neHyo

    ahahaha though my bro finds him very annoying for how he talks, me on the other side, think of t as very straightforward and funny! 

  • Louvecera

    I know you will gonna make it with your determination and enthusiasm. What’s important is you love what your doing. Good luck & God bless.

  • honey

    c enzo kung mag project parang ung tiger/dog na nasa dash board ng car na galaw ng galaw ung ulo,,,,,,ha3

  • Keffie

    ang pinakachakang bakla sa balat ng lupa!!! hahahahahahahahahaha…. im sure mabaho ang bibg nito.. sing baho ng imburnal… mukha pa lang parang puwet… hahahahahaha,,,

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