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Cheetah Rivera

Fashion Designer, 24 years old, Manila

The minute she spread her design portfolio in the auditions, Cheetah instantly wowed the screening panel. Lush, gaudy, dark, and elaborate, her creations vividly displayed master craftsmanship. That, plus a lengthy and profound narrative, made Cheetah unforgettable.

Cheetah’s wild affair with fashion started at the young age of 12. This designer-provocateur finished her degree at Philippine Fashion Institute, and in no time her outlandish designs were blazing the glossies and drawing raving reviews. The Runway simply can’t wait to see what all the rage is about.

What sets you apart from other designers? What makes you an interesting participant?

I’m unconventional, different, and I wouldn’t settle on anything less. I’m a maximalist and a showgirl. Well, my personality is interesting enough not to make the viewers sleep while watching the show. I love to have fun, and I think fashion has to be that way — it’s supposed to be fun.

Have you gone through formal fashion training before? If not, what is your fashion design background?

I was a student at the De La Salle College of St. Benilde. I took up Fashion Design and Merchandising, and eventually took up further studies at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. I’ve been mentored by some of the best of the industry, such as Aries Lagat, Jerome Salaya Ang, and John Herrera.

Have you joined other design competitions prior to Project Runway Philippines?

I have participated in lots of fashion design competitions and humbly, I have won several awards.

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  • nuey

    Cheetah is going to win it! She is so beautiful and talented and she will go all the way!

    • Payapagaldrin

      GO!wild cheetah !show them what you got ! do your final collection much better than before!I WILL GONNA WATCH THIS AT JULY 1,2012.ON ETC

  • grammarist88

    go cheetah! rawr!

  • Jian Alessi∞

    GO CHEETAH! Bet ko yung ginawa mo nung pilot episode! :>

  • David Anthøny Manibø

    “I just wanna be humble as much as possible”


  • J Lo_13

    Soooo PROUD of you, Cheetah!  You’ve gone soooo far! You never fail to impress us with your creations.. Hope to see you soon! :)

  • Yunareyn

    Were so proud of u cheetah we know that you put love nd pasion to all of your creation :-)

  • mujai lito

    So proud of you cheetah

  • Louislane022000

    like like you Cheetah.. God bless…. :) Very Creative!

  • Arlene_ojerio

    soo proud of you cheetah,gogogo.

  • Emman

    born artist.

  • Kimfaithmadrigal

    I love you bessy kong Ma-siko! hahaha.. GO lng.. LOve you!

  • Olay_dyosa13

    go cheetah, so proud of you!!!

  • Sherylglenn2magz

    go girl…kaya mu yan…love u…

  • Mendozaangel30


  • P_sicat

    I love CHEETAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jonathan francia

    Go Cheetah .. 

  • Gianite

    babae ba sya? Just wondering. 

  • Joel Bautista, designer

    Hi Cheetah! I’m sure of you to land at least on the top 3 ranks! Excellent designer! Cheers !

  • Kim

    Goodluck po, nasa fashion week po ba kayo this May?

  • Nickopalad

    Kaya na kaya mo yan cheetah….;*

  • Nicky_carter25

    mare ikaw na ang susunod na winner mwaapppp we love you cheetah gogogogogogog


    sure na yan!

  • banooey

    cheetah is the greatest, i cant wait to see her win it all!

  • Macaroni Espexial

    go cheet ;) )

  • Paul09herrera

    I voted for you sis. You’ll bag this, im sure of it.. ;)

  • jeiar

    We love you Cheetah ! :)   ♥

  • iAmJhoanna.Ü

    Go cheetah! :D I love your disigns! 

  • ecarg razalas

    Awesome!!! go girl, go cheetah!!

  • Mark Jerald Pabustan

    i like cheetah…i like her personality and also her designs…good job cheetah…keep up the good work…

  • Sylvester Rosal

    Goodluck.. hope na makapasok ka sa finals. ^_^

  • JoyJose

    good luck

  • Peachfirefly

    just let your creative side flow, follow your instincts, do your best and don’t forget to pray. always remember that we love you and support you all the way.

  • P Markjerald

    cheetah is very good…she desrves to be in the top three…..and i hope that cheetah will WIN…go cheetahÜ

  • Jan Henry Carandang

    i am betting that you will get this cheetah! all the best for you. you so deserve this!

  • Jaz Therrie Medora

    go girl !!!! you deserve to win.. God bless you ..goodluck


    wala akong masabi noong sunday siya naman ang panalo sa changelenge……

  • Jam Regis-Kotenko

    I love you Cheetah. I BELIEVE IN YOU! <3

  • Daronharold

    …I hope Cheetah will win in the 3rd season of project runway philippines

  • Ecorgue

    his design was fav. wish u won the show…

  • Mikogloop

    is she a she or a he? biologically. it’s amazing that i could not tell.

  • Kherwin Bahingawan Remandaban

    cheetah is the next big Filipino designer. NO DOUBT.

  • Kherwin Bahingawan Remandaban

    di ka lang magaling. ganda mo din, teh. :) )

  • trishie

    as one of the judges has expressed, I, too am a FAN! go on girl!

  • joyce

    go cheetah,, for me you will be the winner…

  • Christian

    go cheetah .. im a fan of you!!!! dont stop believing! i know you can make it

  • jeiar

    Ang SiNiSiGAW naming LAHAT !! GO !! CHEETAH !! <3<3<3

  • Jhanezarate

    i love your design so much ..!!

  • Sarspruce

    Go Cheetah! I’m very happy that most former contenders chose you to be the winner sa get together nyo, shown last night! Galing galing mo naman kasi, and there’s no question to that. And to top it all, mabait ka and di mayabang. Continue that way. Goodluck sa inyong lahat, and I know you all deserve to win!

  • Echus_gurl92

    GO Cheetah!!! deserving  ka talagang manalo!! GOODLUCK to the FINAL RUNWAY gurl:)…

  • Lachrymose

    I know you’ll be the winner cheetah ! fighting :)

  • Jess

    We love this tranny!

  • Eloi_sabido

    i will admire your works

  • Tobiasjohnpaul

    go cheetash

  • Phoebe

    I LOVE CHEETAH !!! :) YOU GO GIRL. Kick some ass in that runway. :)  

  • Arhdy_23

    for me your the winner … your the best i like your designs ..

  • Abongjeryl

    I am hoping for Cheetah’s success in the fashion arena! God Bless You Cheetah!

  • unhappy bride

    I used to like Cheetah Rivera, and without batting an eyelash, I asked her to make 2 outfits for me. I was happy with the first design, though it seemed too short for my taste. But was extremely unhappy with the second dress, I felt like my 18k went down the drain. She promised I would look fabulous but you would understand how I feel once you see the dress/gown. I would be happy to share the peg and the actual gown for anyone who wants to see it. It’s still best to go for trusted couturiers.

    I showed her a gown as peg, and ended up with a short pencil skirt again with overflowing horse hair that no decent woman can wear. I believe I agreed on a price for a gown, not a short skirt, and I specifically said this is for a decent afternoon event. My friends who have seen the photo of the gown/ dress she made laughed at me.

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