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Amor Albano

Fashion Designer, 28 years old, Laoag City

Amor started out young in the fashion business primarily to help support her family. Trying to make both ends meet for her grandmother and an ailing sibling, she was glad to play assistant and gopher to a more established designer back in her hometown in Ilocos Norte. She watched and listened, and, hoping to learn the tricks of the trade thick and fast, she practiced sewing day in and day out. This she did for the next ten years.

Today, Amor’s name hangs alongside the region’s A-list fashion designers. She’s very popular among the high society for creating stunning gowns, sultry silhouettes and exquisite details. With a northern exposure to brag about, Amor is coming to Manila to take on a bigger runway. But is she ready to face a tougher and meaner crowd?

What sets you apart from other designers? What makes you an interesting participant?

I didn’t have a formal education.

Having no experience with formal training, what is your fashion design background?

Ever since I was a child, this has always been my line of interest.

Have you joined other design competitions prior to Project Runway Philippines?


Give one word that best describes you as a designer.


  • K.e. Curammeng-Benemerito Ines

    I wish you all the best Amor :)  

  • Jaey_czee09

    full support from laoag with love. :)

  • Ma Jasminecua

    go mng amor

  • Malou Lazo

    gooo amor. You are the Pride of Laoag :)

  • Kittie08

    Ms. Camille Co loved your dress last night! Go, go, go! Lalaingem pada nga Ilokano. Ü

  • Melvin sabado

    hi amor go go ,we know that you ar good because you are thedesigner of the gown of my wife mylene during our wedding and make up artist on the same time 2 years ago

  • melvin sabado

    go go amor kaya mo yan ikaw nga  ung nagdesign wedding gown ng misis ko at mga damit ng mga abay at lahat lahat ng mga damit na ginamit dbA nung kinasal kami  AND the same time ikaw ang nagcoreograph at nangmake  up pa sa kanila  kaya tiwala kami sau.hoping all the best for you!!!!!we will vote for you

  • melvin sabado

    let us give our support to amor albano in project runaway PH the pride of ilocandia
    from Laoag City Philippines

  • Benjiepmadrid30

    go! go! go! we support uu

  • grace

    hi amor, i was hooked on project runway when I learned from my brother that you’re from Laoag.  He used to see you riding a bike along Ermita Hill.  So proud of you! Really a tasteful designer considering you did not have any formal education on designing! 

  • HarrySaint Tormo Espenilla

    I love Amore! and don’t you dare think about leaving the competition again, otherwise you’re going to ruin the show for me ’cause I am rooting for you ^^v go go go! 

  • MJ

    congrats amor! we’re here for you :) MJ :)

  • Hillary Lee

    Hay Amor, I’m really amazed by your designs and you inspired me by your talen! I hope you will win this season of project runway… xoxo 

  • Bryan Tapnio

    Go for you Amor, you are my favorite designer to all of the designers. Give your best to all the challenges and i will pray for you. good luck Amor 

  • lei villanueva

    i love amor’s design..her designs are stunning specially when she recreated an iconic design from megs magazine…and she is  a good competitor…good thing rajo appreciated her  beautiful design and i think she deserves to win this contest she got everything…and im looking forward seeing her as one of the future well known designer here in the philippines…because of her i was inspired to appreciate the beauty in every designs….

  • thess valeroso

    I love amor, she’s sweet, funny, sexy and she’s on top of the game….congratulations more winning design and more showing of legs!

  • carl arcusa

    we love you amor bet n bet  kita gogogo until you reach the crown…..

  • Jenive

    hi amor, i always watch project runway ph and i was amazed on your talent…hope your going to win!

  • MarQuee Panal Torrefranca

    i hope Amor, Cheetah and MJ will be on the TOP 3 of PRP 3..

    prp3 addict…


  • Mark Jerald Pabustan

    i like amor….she was a good designer and i hope that she will make it upto the top…

  • Pj_guzman

    talented and sophisticated plus fashion forward

  • ize

    your a true person amor.. beautiful inside and out.. wish you all the best!

  • Benly Academia

    Go Amor, go for Gold Mamang, your Ilocano friends are always here to support you!

  • Rieann_12

    nanonood dn ako minsan project runway pero dko alam me tga laog pla hehe americas nxt top model kc inaabangan ko…

  • Di

    Make us proud! :) Let go Iloco!

  • D1

    Make us proud! Let’s go Iloco! :)

  • Sylvester Rosal

    Goodluck po.. hope na makasama ka sa finals.. ^_^

  • Mha Riz

    goodluck amor

  •ño-Camasis/100000717309785 Karl Emmanuel Mariño Camasis

    Go Ate Amor!! Supporter here from Rizal! Very like your dresses and you would go very far from it! Wish you win because I know you deserve PRP3′s prizes!

  • Rwein Blanco.

    Go Amor!!!! Galingan mo pa lalo. andyan ka na sa top 5, do your best lagi!!

  • jepang

    go amor!

  • Johnnebula

    I rooting for you! Show them what you got! Stay humble like you always do and God and your talent will do the rest :) )

  • John

    I am rooting for you Amor! Show them what you got! Stay humble like you always do and God and your talent will do the rest :) )

  • Redge000

    Go Ate Amor! I know you can do it. You’re the best! When you feel like giving up, always remember we the Ilocano people are always here at your back to support and pray for you. Goodluck,, and god bless you.

  • Heavenlew Ilaga

    I knew you would go far..Kudos to you my friend

  • Sunshine G. Aguinaldo


  • Sunshine G. Aguinaldo



    kahit dispointed nakaligtas pa………. taray…………………..

  • Melody D. Lazaro

    good luck amor…galing galing mo…

  • Wenglats

    Good Luck Amor! We, Ilocanos are proud of you! :)

  • Trixie

    YOU’re THE BEST!!!!! Stand out!! I so love YOu, Cheetah and NEL….. I dont watch Previous seasons of PRP… I find it tacky and so-so… but when I saw snippets of the show and your design/personality blew me away. You are definetely the one to watch! keep your head Up and feet on the ground and you’ll definetely go to places!! You Go Grl!!!! Wave the Beautiful Flag Higher. stay Pretty and gorgeous!!! xoxo– Trixie of Cebu

  • Jalyn Lambino

    gustong gusto po kta san manalo po kayo gud luck!! 

  • Kuriyami

    im a big fan of AMOR!, sana igawa mo rin ako ng gown someday….EXCELLENT WORK!!! ikaw na ang winner para sa kin!

  • Sarspruce

    Go girl! Do believe that you are not only IN in Metro Manila! You are also IN worldwide! I liked it when you imitated Tweety De Leon with your own last line sa show kagabi, LOL that was funny! Gooduck to all of you, I know you all deserve to win!

  • Kristina Nadal

    may i order the gown that Amor created? i bet it’s expensive. i really like the kind of pink gown that she made. the one that Ms. Lucy Torres commented as “sugary sweet” 

  • Payapagaldrin

    go amor you are good designer like cheetah give your best .the both of you!!!!

  • Payapagaldrin

    wish you the best to all of you in PRP 3

  • Vincent Miranda

    go ate AMOR kaya mo yan na maging next BIG PILIPINO FASION DESIGNER 


    gud luck :)  

    LOVE U :)

  • Bluebird_kampai905

    I like your design aesthetic because they look clean on the runway. Sorry if I have to say this, the other designers’ work look cluttered.

  • pink_blossoms12

     Best wishes Amor, you really make all Ilocanos proud. Win or lose you’re still the best for us.

  • Amane Ryouta

    You can do it Amor. I’m a big fan! :D

  • Renaissanceperiod

    I hope you win,  I love your designs, I like the feminity in it.

  • Vincent_pakute

    sayang ate AMOR d ka nanalo pero panalo ka parin para sa akin :)  

  • Vincent Miranda

    sayang ate AMOR d ka nanalo pero panalo ka parin para sa akin :)  

  • Ariesaquino91

    ive seen amor grow and struggle as a fresh face in the fashion industry doing gowns costumes and eerything about IT..look at you now… a realization of a dream..di ka nila pwedeng isnabin..goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo and multiply thy clients…

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