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Fatima Guerrero

Young Muslim designer Fatima got eliminated after being in the bottom 3 again this week. She shares her sentiments about the competition, her elimination, and what lies ahead for her after being part of the show.


Firstly, I never imagined myself joining a competition, especially Project Runway Philippines.

Watching the previous seasons, I could already feel the torture for the designers. But still, I tried to audition, I got in, I grabbed the opportunity, I sacrificed school. My parents were very supportive of my decision since I am living independently here in the Philippines.

To be part of the top 15 designers was one of the most amazing things that ever happened to me. This is a big step for my career! But during the competition, I did not aim to win. Rather, I wanted to prove to people that a Muslim woman like me can also compete in this kind of industry.

When I was eliminated, I felt sad. I have to admit that the garments I’ve made on the show were not really who I am. I should’ve shown the best of me during the competition. Maybe, because I’m new to this kind of pressure, I wasn’t able to handle it well. Maybe I wasn’t ready to compete on that level yet.

If given another chance, I would’ve changed my design from my first sketch. We sketched only for 15 minutes. I panicked for the short period of working time and held on to my original sketch. I got stressed out with the incorrect pattern I made, which resulted in the wrong fit for my model. I realized it a few hours before the deadline, and the only other option for me was to make a new dress.

Although I was ready to say goodbye, I didn’t totally expect that I would be the one to go home. Questions popped out of my head. I thought, if my garments were made by the other designers, would there be a chance for me to be just safe? What would be the difference if I wasn’t wearing a veil? Maybe they expected too much.

On the other hand, I know that the high expectations are not only from the judges but from everyone who knows me as a Muslim and a fashion designer. Because of this, I am now more challenged and motivated to show who I am as a fashion designer in the real world.

Now, I‘m planning to finish my studies. Pursue my career. Make my own clothing line for Muslims and non-Muslims. Be involved in fashion shows and other fashion activities. This is just the beginning and I’m very excited for what is yet to come!


    Go Fatima. Show them what you’ve got! You8′ll certainly go far. :D

  • etonita

    You did a great a job there Fatima. I salute you for confidently wearing your veil properly. You showed us that religion and culture is not a barrier to pursue your dream. :) ) Imma muslim too, and I’m now one of your biggest fan. I’m Hoping i get to meet you someday! Insha Allah..

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